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is donated to Child Help to aid abused children.

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"It was truly a inspiration to me."
"Did you know that all profits go to Child Help to help abuse children?"
"THANK you for writing THIS!!!!!"
"Awesome! Must Read!"
"I can't wait to read this. I'm glad you're sharing and I'm even happier your

mother gave her blessing."
"I just finished this book yesterday.
Kept me riveted."
"I admire your strength and courage, and your determination to help the people whose voices don't get to be spoken very loudly. YOU are a hero."
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Amazing read!!"
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all the people it will help,
I know it couldn't have all been easy."
"A truly inspirational story."
"May God use the light in [this] book to guide others to a healthier tomorrow."
"I absolutely MUST read this book. I'm amazed by the bravery it took to come out and write this book. The courage and strength it must have taken to write this and let out all the secrets is inspiring."
"Read it if you have suffered parental abuse. If you haven't, read it so you are aware of what can happen."
"Reading the book [was] deeply moving."
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"It is a story of a brave resilient young girl who never gave up on herself or God."
""Keeping Mothers Secrets,"
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Keeping Mother's Secrets is an award winning, gripping memoir about hope, resiliency and overcoming adversity. It begins with a child's courageous journey to survive terrifying physical, emotional and sexual abuse. There are many unpredictable twists and turns as the child, Tracy, clings to hope and finds a way to thrive. This brave, honest and graphic account is enriched by huge characters, the memories of those involved and legal documents that lead to a landmark court decision that saves Tracy from a terrible fate! However, the court ignores some of the evidence and does not protect Tracy from her abuser.

Moving into adulthood, Tracy takes a personal journey to find a way to break the chain of family dysfunction and not to allow the negative aspects of her past to impact her future. Tracy comes to terms with her childhood horrors and moves on to find happiness as a thriving adult. Keeping Mother's Secrets is an inspirational adult read that will engage, enlighten and fascinate the public. It offers hope to those who have suffered abuse and trauma while providing insights for professionals in their efforts to be of help.

Keeping Mother's Secrets

Surviving Terror and Betrayal Through Courage and Hope

Tracy May