Frequently Asked Questions...

Q.Why are you telling your mother's secrets?

A. I have my mother's blessing to write the book.  She joins me in the hope that our experiences will offer hope, support and understanding to others. My mother has come a long way and I am very proud of her. I found forgiveness for her a long time ago.

Q. Where do the profits go?

A. Profits from Keeping Mother's Secrets go to Child Help to assist abused children to thrive.

Q. How long did it take you to write Keeping Mother's Secrets?

A. Five years.

Q. Where can I purchase Keeping Mother's Secrets?

A. You can get your copy of Keeping Mother's Secrets online on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It comes in paperback, hardback, Kindle and Nook. Profits go to Child Help to help abused kids. Be happy and thrive!

Q. Can I find Keeping Mother's Secrets at the library?

A. If your local library doesn't carry Keeping Mother's Secrets, you could ask the librarian to order a copy for you.

Q. Is Keeping Mother's Secrets fiction or non-fiction?

Q. Will Keeping Mother's Secrets be made into a movie?
I would be interested in making it into a movie, only if the movie's message aligns itself with the book by offering an inspirational message of hope to the public.

Q. Is the author the child in the book or is the author writing about a child she knows?

A. The author, Tracy, was the child in Keeping Mother's Secrets.

Q. Is the author willing to be interviewed or to speak to groups?

A. Yes. Please contact Tracy May at

Q. Is Keeping Mother's Secrets appropriate for young readers?

A.  No. Keeping Mother's Secrets was written for adults -- with adult subject matter. It includes sexual abuse, molestation, severe child abuse and other adult topics.

Q. Was your family supportive of you writing Keeping Mother's Secrets?

A. Yes, very much so. Some family members were very helpful and supportive, in a hands on way, during the writing process.

Q. Are your parents still alive?

A. My dad died in 2002. My mom is still living.

Q. Which stores carry it?

A.Keeping Mother's Secrets is mostly available online on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It comes in paperback, hardback, Kindle and Nook. Profits go to Child Help to help abused kids.

Q. Does your mom approve of the book?

A. My mother gave me her blessing to write Keeping Mother's Secrets, even though she knew it wasn't going to be complimentary to her. She never wanted to read it or have any part of it read to her. She joins with me in the wish that it will offer hope to others.

Q. Did you and your mother ever establish a "mother-daughter relationship?"
. No. Probably because we reestablished contact, after 3 decades of no contact. We did develop a mutually beneficial, but different kind of relationship. It was mostly positive, fun and upbeat, with strong boundaries, for my own safety. I have always called her Mom, but, her illness prevented her from ever being a true mother to me.

Q. After all the abuse you endured by your mother, do you love her?
When I was  a child I would say no, I didn't. Matter of fact, I hated her for all the horrible things she did to me! As an adult I was mostly indifferent -- I had no contact with her for most of my adulthood, but I hoped she was happy and not hurting anyone else. After contact resumed, and the years went by, I developed a love for her. Now I would say, yes, I love her. I make decisions for her care, care about her well-being, and look after her best interests.

Q. Do you feel your mother loved you when she was abusing you?
When I was a child I believed that my mother hated me. I always wished that one day she would be like other kid's moms and love me. As an adult, I believe that my mother has always loved me, in her own way. But was prevented from showing it in a way easily recognizable, because of her mental illness.

Q. Does Keeping Mother's Secrets end badly?
Unlike some child abuse stories that leave you wanting to run to the nearest detox center, Keeping Mother's Secrets has a positive, up-lifting ending!

Q. How could you ever find forgiveness for your mother?

A. I believe forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves; it is one of the major ways we find peace after toxic people have touched our lives. I didn't forgive my mother for her sake. I forgave my mother for my best interest and well-being! I couldn't carry those toxic, corrosive, hurtful feelings around with me and find a happy life for myself! The two sets of feelings are diametrically opposed! As a side effect, forgiving my mother helped her to feel relieved and better about herself. Nothing changes the past, but the choices we make today can bring about a brighter tomorrow! Be happy and thrive!

Profit from the sale of Keeping Mother's Secrets is donated to Child Help to aid abused children.

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