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Utterly amazing story! It had me riveted from beginning to ...
                       Amazon Review
Format: Paperback
Utterly amazing story! It had me riveted from beginning to end. This is a story of how a child survived horrifying abuse and later found a way to thrive. I was appalled at the courts' unwillingness to protect this little girl and relieved by the final landmark custody decision. A tribute to the strength of the human spirit! I can't recommend this book highly enough!

Tracy May's exceptionally descriptive writing captures her memories...
                      Barnes & Noble Review
Tracy May's exceptionally descriptive writing captures her memories and brings them to life on the page.  A truly riveting account of one woman's unimaginable childhood.  This book provides a clear message of hope and is one all should read.

​                               Readers' Favorite Review
                                                      Book Review
                               [Readers' Favorite Book Contest Award Winner]
                               Reviewed by Nathan M. Beauchamp 
                               Posted on Barnes & Noble
     Keeping Mother's Secrets was both difficult and easy to read. Easy because the story of how Tracy May escaped a past filled with horrific abuse captivated me; difficult because of the subject matter. Written with frank, matter of fact prose, May’s account of her psychotic mother, ineffectual father, and abusive childhood carried me quickly from first page to last. The simplicity of the prose itself serves to heighten not lessen the tension — I felt as though I were right beside an intelligent, admirable young girl quite literally fighting for her life.
     Though Keeping Mother's Secrets covers the very grim territory of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, May maintains an upbeat, hopeful perspective. You can’t read this memoir without feeling immense respect for the author. Not just because of her experiences, but because of how she’s chosen to overcome them. May writes in the epilogue that she chose to publish her memoir with the hope it might help others. I have no doubt that it has already done so. In fact, as someone who has experienced some abuse myself, I can say that reading Keeping Mother's Secrets was therapeutic for me.
     May embeds historical documents, reports from psychologists that treated her as a child, and transcripts from the court proceedings over her custody case. These provide a factual backbone that gives Keeping Mother's Secrets even greater power. May uses these permanent records of her troubled childhood to great and evocative effect. In a story featuring few heroes and many villains, Indian Joe, the attorney who represented her father’s side of the custody battle to remove May from her abusive mother, is the only shining star aside from May herself.
     It’s impossible to read Keeping Mother's Secrets without getting angry. It’s equally impossible to read it without feeling a profound sense of hope. If May can overcome the horror of her childhood and go on to lead a meaningful and valuable life, so too can all who have suffered injustice. Powerful, gripping, and supported by interesting historical documentation, Keeping Mother's Secrets is a worthwhile and compelling read. It stands alongside memoirs like Mary Karr’s The Liar's Club as a profound exploration of the redemptive power of hope.

Great read! Could not put it down! It had me hooked...
                      Barnes & Noble Review
Great read! Could not put it down! It had me hooked from the first sentence! This memoir soars above other child abuse accounts, because it includes court documents, testimony, doctors reports and statements from people who were involved. One of the most amazing parts of the story was when Tracy grew into adulthood, despite the horrible abuse she had suffered from her mother, the story ends well for both of them. A great ending to an amazing book!

Best book
                       Amazon Review
Format: Kindle Edition
Best book I have read in s long time. Very well written. If anyone is dealing with child abuse I suggest u read this book. This book not only told u about the abuse but also how it affected her, others around her and how she overcame the mental abuse.

I definitely recommend this inspirational book
                       Amazon Review
Format: Paperback
 I definitely recommend this inspirational book. While sharing her story of surviving horrific abuse, Tracy helps others understand how to take hold of the healing process and make it their own. Go on this intimate journey with Tracy and find encouragement and hope in the worst of circumstances. You will be inspired by her courage and determination. There are great ideas for healing and practical advice explaining the whole process of getting help. Anyone wanting to make positive personal life changes will be encouraged by the examples in this book. I especially loved the sections on forgiveness and therapy. The story could not end more perfectly – with a note that brings this whole saga full circle. This is an amazing story that could bring much needed hope and help to those hurting from past/present abuse. It would also be helpful for professionals and loved ones in their understanding.

I could not put this book down...

                       Barnes & Noble Review
I could not put this book down once I started. I love true inspiring stories like this. I am a survivor of being molested by a family member & while finally trying to heal & deal at the age of 46 this book gave me so much understanding as far as forgiving but not forgetting.

Very enlightening

                  Amazon Review

Format: Kindle

I worked for DA Family Support and am involved with Foster care. It must have been very difficult to write this book. I also think it must have been cathartic and helpful. Thank you.

Five Stars
​                       Amazon Review
Format: Kindle
Great book.

This book is a must read for every one. The fascinating true...

                       Barnes & Noble Review
This book is a must read for every one. The fascinating true story won't let you put the book down. Many of us who grew up in a safe and loving home can not imagine how things like this can even happen. It is good to know as you read this incredible story, that this little girl does survive and grows into a strong adult that is compelled to tell the world the truth.

Four Stars
​                  Amazon Review
Format: Kindle Edition
Hard to read about so many abuses she endured but worth it!

I found myself being so immersed in the book that I felt like I was really there as the situations were taking ...

                       Amazon Review
Format: Paperback
Such a page gripping book! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I found myself being so immersed in the book that I felt like I was really there as the situations were taking place. It's amazing how one person can overcome such horrific events. You really feel for the writer and want nothing more than to save her in some way. Growing up in an environment that was so wildly different, it's so hard to wrap your head around how a mother can put her child through such events. People need to read this book and understand the battles that other people face. I think as a society we are so unaware of a lot of the abuse that goes on. It's amazing to me that the writer was able to get to the point she's at by the end of the book. Put down whatever book you're reading and go grab this book...

...but had happy hopeful moments
​                       Amazon Review
Format: Kindle Edition
It was very heartbreaking, but had happy hopeful moments.

Recommended for adults

                  Amazon Review

Format: Kindle

This is a book about the horrifying events which occur to a little girl with an absent father and psychotic mother. Not at all for the faint-hearted. But for those who have suffered any kind of abuse, physical, neglect, sexual, psychological, this book will be not only a revelation that you are not alone, but also a story of survival.

Curl up for a good read and never lose hope!
​                       Amazon Review
Format: Kindle Edition
I read this book in two days! Curled up in the evenings and read 'til the wee hours each night. Amazing and gripping story of a child who suffered quietly but fought courageously and the adults who both contributed to her pain and battled for her survival. I wanted to save this little girl myself! When the custody battle was raging between Tracy's parents, I could not believe the evidence that the judge ignored without follow up. Once her father was cleared, he never even pursued the mother's guilt! It was fascinating that the judge was unable to accept that a child would not want to live with her mother and was unable (unwilling?) to formally rule this mother as unfit. Bless him, though, for having the courage and integrity to listen to Tracy's psychologist and make the landmark decision that he did.

I also bless Tracy for her writing style. Had she not mixed in moments of happiness and her steps to healing with the traumas she suffered, it would have been very difficult to relive her life in this book. She never let herself lose hope and she doesn't let you lose hope either. Here is a wonderful example to others struggling for peace following abuse, as well as a good read!

Five Stars

​                       Amazon Review

Excellent book, very good read for survivors of abuse. Shows you can come thru it.

Amazing book
​                       Amazon Review
Format: Paperback
This book was amazing. I think that it must have been really hard for this child to go through the things that she went through in her life and to come out of this the great and strong women that she has become today. It was really hard to hear about the abuse that she suffered, but everything that she wrote had to be said. for this book to be the best it could possibly be. and the ending of this book was amazing.
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A Must Read

                       Amazon Review
A book well worth reading. An unbelievable story with a great ending that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Terrifying yet inspiring...
​                       Amazon Review
A terrifying yet inspiring account of a young girl's courage and determination to withstand and live through her mother's abusiveness.

Very good read
​                       Amazon Review
Well written book, good read.

Very enlightening

                   Amazon Review

I worked for DA Family Support and am involved with Foster care. It must have been very difficult to write this book. I also think it must have been cathartic and helpful. Thank you.

I think this is my first one, but I feel like this book needs...

                       Amazon Review
It's not often at all that I review a book, in fact I think this is my first one but I feel like this book needs to be heard. It's hard for some of us to imagine growing up in such a terrifying environment and being able to overcome it. The book was so hard to put down once I started it. It's hard for the reader to not put themselves into the horrifying situations and really feel. Truly is an inspirational story to see how one can triumph such horrors, can't even imagine a child going through such experiences. 


Foreword Clarion Reviews
Reviewed by Geraldine Richards
November 13, 2015

     May is not just surviving but thriving, and her straightforward advice can help other abuse survivors do the same.
     Tracy May reveals the abuse she endured as a child and her success as an adult in Keeping Mother’s Secrets: Surviving Terror and Betrayal Through Courage and Hope. By sharing her story, gives hope to those who have suffered abuse, enlightens those untouched by it, and provides insight for mental health and family court professionals.
     May organizes her story into four sections. These focus on the abuse she experienced as a child, the custody battle between her parents, lingering problems and new assaults she suffered as she tried to cope with her circumstances, and achieving personal success as an adult.
     The first section describes the many and frequent instances of abuse she suffered as a child and provides a portrait of her mother, a paranoid schizophrenic. May provides sufficient specifics of the physical and emotional abuse without making the narrative salacious. Telling the story from a child’s point of understanding or knowledge works well here.
     The second section details the inability or unwillingness of powerful people in the family court system to protect vulnerable children. This is the longest section in the book. Providing an extensive amount of the court’s proceedings reveals the difficulties of dealing with the system during the 1960s and suggests that these issues remain today. Though this degree of detail has merit, the pages devoted to these portions or summaries of court transcripts, affidavits, motions filed, and visitation transcripts are not all needed to convey the message.
     In this section, May seems to move beyond the limits of memoir. She switches from talking about the effect of her mother’s alienating behavior on her to talking about the effects of parental alienation on other children. She says, “I have witnessed parental alienation used on children of divorce, whom I have known personally,” and concludes, “I have learned, through many painful years of experience that parental alienation can cause devastating effects on children because it is painful, manipulative and abusive.” However May is not a psychiatrist. Adding specific professional support in these cases would only strengthen her observations.
     The final section takes the story to the point where May is not just surviving but thriving. This section seems especially supportive for those in similar situations. Her advice is straightforward. She also makes it clear that it is based on her own experience. Since she profited from professional help as a child and as an adult, her advice about how to find a counselor who is a “good fit” is well grounded.

     By sharing her complete story, May achieves her goal of acting “for the greater good.”

I loved it!

                       Amazon review

Format: paperback

I loved it! I saw myself in this situation, I too grew up in a dysfunctional family, a great read, now my youngest is reading it. 😇

Such an Amazing book, so hard to put it down once I started it.

                       Barnes & Noble Review
Such an Amazing book, so hard to put it down once I started it. It's hard for the reader to not put themselves into the horrifying situations and really feel. Truly is an inspirational story to see how one can triumph such horrors, can't even imagine a child going through such experiences.

This book is a gripping and intense story of horrifying abuse...
​                       Barnes & Noble Review
This book is a gripping and intense story of horrifying abuse of a young girl by someone she should be able to trust.  Even more importantly, it's a story of how she overcame that abuse to become a healthy, happy, and forgiving human being. it's must reading for anyone who wants insights into the mind s of the abused, the abuser, and other family members as they try to understand what's happening.

Keeping Mother's Secrets


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"What I took away from the books was that as an adult who has her own abuse story, we should never forget where we came from and be willing to notice these signs in other children and stand up for them. Your story also helped me to deal with things that I went through as a child."
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